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Evolve with you.

Number Wise is a leading IT & Cloud savvy Chartered Accountants firm specialises in Xero accounting software and other cloud based solutions for SME businesses.

Combining deep understanding of the Chinese culture with technical skills and language capabilities, our team has assisted many Chinese businesses to successfully invest and grow in the NZ market.

We partner with you to find the right investment opportunity and realise the value you are looking for, whether that’s in the primary sectors, financial services, infrastructure development, or elsewhere.

We recognize that cultural differences are one of the largest business challenges for Chinese companies investing in NZ, and the reverse is also true. Our team of bilingual and culturally fluent professionals are experienced and intently focused to help you bridge the cultural divide at every stage of your business.

Why choose us

why choose us

  1. We talk your language.
  2. Friendly and approachable. You can call or e-mail your accountant at any time and won’t get billed for it.
  3. A genuinely proactive service. Getting you thinking about your business and where you are heading.
  4. No surprise fees. All fees are agreed in advance, with the option of spreading the fees as monthly payments.
  5. We love helping businesses grow and you can be re-assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way.
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The Stages of Business Cycle

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