Are you someone who has never been to China but wants to explore doing business there?
Are you keen to deepen your understanding of China and engage more effectively?
Do you want to establish international networks in China?

We help to develop your “Global Mindset” through building your awareness of the Chinese culture, language, people and business.

We will show you what impact the rapidly growing middle class and super wealthy Chinese are having on the Asia Pacific economies.

It’s time to experience it for yourself!

In today’s multi-cultural world, there is an increasing demand for legal and business professions to cater for the cultural diversity of their clients. This team of four major firms under the alliance of Pro Partners are qualified and experienced to achieve this goal. Spanning across New Zealand and Australia: Prestige Lawyers, Davellin Lawyers, CEL Accountants, and Number Wise can help you achieve the results that you desire.

With their own diverse backgrounds, these firms are more than capable to work with you at a culturally sensitive level of understanding and respect. Cross-cultural matters are their specialty as they realise that many matters can often be resolved more simply when the cultural context is brought to mind. These firms also have an understanding of the systems put in place in their respective countries, New Zealand or Australia, and have the ability to supply you with information and aid to the processes of your required country.

The benefit of working with these firms is that the fear of being misunderstood can be removed from the forefront. The team specialises with clients that find difficulty in communicating in English. The bilingual members of these firms are more than adequate to work with you in a language that you are familiar with. With members from a range of countries and cultures, language is no longer a major issue. The bilingual standards of the members are of a high calibre and they can understand and explain matters to you in a way that is of a comfortable and clear quality.

In a world where cultures are meshed together in a melting-pot of society, cross-cultural and bilingual expertise is a necessity. Legal and business professions are required to exhibit cultural understanding in the face of this trend of globalisation. In today’s society, language and culture can no longer be barriers in the way of progress.

This Pro Partners alliance is ready to meet these needs.