It brings us so much joy to share this awesome news.

Number Wise has recently become a member of the Buy1Give1 which is an amazing organisation that….well…. we could talk all day about them but if you are interested please visit their website

Basically, we have aligned every transaction with one of their amazing programs and we can tailor it to give to a special cause that may have more meaning to you than other.

We believe one of the greatest joy in life is contribution. Contribution to our loved ones, to our awesome clients (yes that is you!), and most importantly, to those who are less fortunate than us.

We believe every business has the power to change lives.

We get up every morning to help your business to achieve this and make a difference to this world.

Changing the world – one business at a time.

Making an impact. Changing lives. from B1G1 on Vimeo.